Our Mission - New Beginnings for Life

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 Our vision is that people with learning disabilities will have choices about where they live, what kind of home they want to live in, and with whom they want to live, so they can live life to the fullest.



To have available appropriate information and advice so that people with learning disabilities can make informed decisions and know how to get services available that they may need. To provide choices in housing so that there are real opportunities for Choice. To teach skills needed for independent living.



To ensure fair access to services, taking care to include people with particular needs and people with learning  disabilities from minority ethnic communities.



To help people with learning disabilities to minimize and manage the risks involved with independent living within the community. To minimize dependence on family members.



To have good quality, value for money services that assist people in achieving personal growth and outcomes, in the many aspects of their daily lives. To create a family environment conducive to learning, security, and moral values.



 To be able to achieve independent living and gainful employment in mainstream life.