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New Beginnings,

Our daughter, Erica is making great strides in her first few months at New Beginnings for Life LLC. A major goal for her is the acquisition of skills needed for independent living. Toward that goal, Erica has adjusted well to living away from home, developed meaningful relationships with peers and is learning to rely less on the support of adult mentors and teachers.

With the help of New Beginnings staff Erica has secured paid employment. She started out with a full time job coach and is now working independently. New Beginnings staff are also helping Erica to improve her driving skills and hopefully she will be able to drive herself to and from work.

 We are very happy with New Beginnings for Life LLC. Ellen and Karen have the knowledge and background to know when a student may need some extra nurturing and when they need a little push to "leave the nest". Erica calls home a lot less now-at first we were a little sad about that-but we now see that she is busy forging ahead with new life, away from the safety and security of her family, but certainly not without plenty of support and encouragement. And love!

Very Sincerely.

Steve & Marcie Bull

Higganum, CT 



To whom it may concern;


My Son Richard W G Aspinwall ( Ricky) has been attending New Beginnings for a year and half. Throughout the emotional transition from High school to program, Ellen and her team were there for our every need. They attended several transitional school meetings to get a good understanding of Rick’s needs; then provided an above and beyond program.


 Ricky’s needs include“one on one” assistance for all his daily activities. Casey was assigned to Ricky as his daily assistant. I could not have hand picked a better more caring person than Casey. She always goes the extra mile on all aspects of my sons program. She takes extraordinary care of his personal hygiene, keeps him active in the preparation of his gluten free diet and feeds him on a regimented schedule. She’s concerned for his proper hydration which assists on his digestive needs. Casey took a complete interest in all of Ricky’s disabilities and submerged herself in learning all of the respective disciplines. She has learned techniques from his Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist and Services for the Blind which she brought into his daily programs giving him much needed repetition required for his development. Casey is an extraordinary person and I am most fortunate that she cares for my son.


 Ellen and her Team do a good job giving care to the clients of New Beginnings. Their program include very exciting activities to include sailing, going to the shore, Harkness Camp, hiking, shopping, Apple picking etc. They do a wonderful job coordinating all the activities and it certainly pays off for the clients. Just look at the Photos on the website to see some big genuine smiles!


With Regards,

Rich Aspinwall

Groton, CT 




 To Whom It May Concern:

Ellen Young and New Beginnings began providing home support services to my daughter about 10 weeks ago. There was a transition from private hire to New Beginnings and Ellen has demonstrated great care and compassion for my daughter during a difficult period. Elllen has attended numerous meetings to assure the transition. She has been very good at communicating with me during the entire process. Ellen has gone above and beyond by volunteering her own personal services when a staffing need had to be met.

I have worked with many people involved in my daughter's care over the years. What sets Ellen apart is her true caring and commitment to my daughter. She sees her as a person and not "just another client". The fact that Ellen has my daughter's best interests at heart, has lessened the stress of caring for a loved one with a disability.


Steve Caldwell

East Hampton, CT 


Dear Ellen,

As you know, Josh has been involved in New Beginnings since its conception. He started with the Allen Institute several years ago and when they closed down their school for learning disabled students, you had the foresight and dedication to them providing these young people with a place to live and a program tailored to each of their individual needs. Initially Josh had a roomin your house and was provided with services to help him begin to learn to become a more responsible person. Issues like when to take a shower, shave and change clothes had been a huge concerns for and you had staff work with Josh on these important daily living skills. Josh also tended to focus more on himself and was not very interactive with others in your program. You especially helped the staff recognize Josh's potenial as a caring and witty person that evenually translated into Josh becoming more interactive with the residents.

Approximately 2 years it was determined that Josh had reached a point where he could become more independent and relativel more self-sufficient. ou were able to provide him with an apartment upstairs of your program along with two other roommates. Your staff continues to monitor Josh's daily living skills and help him make the right choices in terms of his hygiene and other important aspects of learning to become independent (learning to write his own checks, prepare simple meals, clean up after himself and take part in the responsibilities of having an apartment). Josh also needs reminders of of when to get up for work, classes, etc. but his ability to respond to these prompts have clearly improved. In fact, there are times (hopefully becoming more frequent!!!) when Josh gets up on his own, showers, and shaves, etc.. We then have an inkling that eventually he may take on the role of being his own staff person!!! However, until this happens, David and I feel secure in the fact that Josh is in a safe, supportive environment in which the folks around him truly care for him and appreciate who Josh is as a person.

Ellen, it is important to recognize all the help that you've provided in acting as a intermediary between Josh's boss, his personal trainer and other time commitments that he has. Organization is clearly not his strongist suit!!!! But you've been able to manage, along with your devoted staff, to coordinate his outside programs. You also have dedicated a considerable amount of time in helping Josh find a job. David and I thank you for all you are doing to provide Josh with the necessary tools to become more self-sufficient. He feels very connected to you and we truly appreciate all that has been accomplished over these several years!


Claire and David Shaby

Andover, MA



 We are very pleased with the program and taff at New Beginnings for Life. The relaxed homey atmosphere of NBFL invites our son, David, to take advantage of all the program has to offer. He is very eager to attend every day.

The caring staff and flexible program allows David to grow in all aspects of his life. NBFL allows for many diverse experiences to be enjoyed by the NBFL "famly", while developing new friendships which David has certainly done.

NBFL is certainly a unique program unlike any other program in which DAvid has participated.


 Ed and Eileen Griswold

 Moodus, CT



New Beginnings for Life has supported me and helped me become more independent with my daily life skills. It has also helped me with my diet and exercise plan. I've learned cooking skills, daily chores, budgeting/money management, and to cope with with feelings. New Beginnings has also taught me how to get along with peers and how to discuss my feelings. New Beginnings has helped me to get a job and have helped me reach a lot of my life goals, like ccontrolling my anger, taking a bus home to see my family in New Jersey; along with my reading, writing and Math skills. I'm very happy with where and who I live with. Everyone here feels like family to me, like brothers and sisters. I would like to thank Ellen and staff for always being there for me.


John G

Colchester, CT



New Beginnings for Life has helped me a lot. Staff here brings me to all my medical appointments, helping me get my new hearing aids, contacts, and dentures. New Beginnings has helped me get a paid job, which I currently still work at. I go on a lot of fun trips and do a lot of fun activities with staff and peers with New Beginnings. Staff also takes me shopping for groceries and household items whenever I need to go. All the staff at New Beginnings are very nice and they treat me very well - like part of the family. New Beginnings has changed my life for the better. A few specific staff here at New Beginnings, Kenny, Ellen, and Dana, have given me great advice and have helped me through a lot in my life.


Scott P

Moodus, CT



Our son, Michael, has been with New Beginnings for nearly 9 months now. What stands out about this program has been the love and care that these consumers receive. The staff treats each as though they were their own family member. The respect and dignity that is conveyed to each goes above and beyond. They are always warm, and friendly, waiting to greet each program member with open arms. As a parent, it feels good to know that our son is in such good hands.

Ellen Maus, Parent

Hadlyme, CT



Ellen and the wonderful staff at New Beginnings,

     My son, Matt, has been with you now for over 4 years and I couldn't be happier. The programs and care you have provided for him are superior and more than I could offer him at home. As you know, I am very particular as to where he was placed and dreaded the task. His transition was seamless with a lot of love and support to not only Matt, but to his whole family. The competency and quality of his care, his room, his personal growth, and his happiness are always a tantamount priority; and I cannot express my gratitude adequately for this program.

Thank you so very much!

MaryAnn Wotton 










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