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New Beginnings for Life will help you or your family member achieve their highest potential. We are here to assist with any level of support! We provide services to consumers who use a wide range of medical/adaptive equipment including hoyer lifts, feeding tubes, epi-pens, ambulatory aids, hearing aids, CPaps/pulmonary equipment, etc.  


All our Residential and Day Program Services incoporate building the following skills:


Activities of Daily Living (bathing, feeding, dressing, meal preparation, home maintenance, personal hygiene, grocery shopping, personal errands/shopping, budgeting, bill paying, transportation, etc.)


Vocational Support (interview skills, resume writing, reading/writing/math skills, job placement, job development, job coaching, GED preparation, driver’s license preparation, etc.)


Community Inclusion (social skills, conversation skills, relationship skills, behavior support/tracking, community outreach, recreation planning, activity participation, etc.)


Medical Needs (appointment scheduling/tracking, medication management, medication administration, healthy living skills, maintenance of medical/adaptive equipment, etc.)



Residential Services

Continuous Residential Services

Participants learn skills to help them live independently while maintaining 24/7 support and supervision within the home. 


In-Home Supports & Personal Supports

Participants receive intermittent support within their own home to learn independent living skills including those mentioned above.



Individuals receive intermittent supports to assist family members with their care. Staff work with family members to assist participants with completing their activities of daily living including personal care needs, community outings, meal preparation, home maintenance, companionship, etc.


Day Program Services

Individualized Day, Non-Vocational

Participants participate in recreational or leisure activities of their choosing. Participants often visit our Day Program location in Salem, CT (See our Activity Day Calendar!) or participate in activities at home or within their communities. All day program (and residential) participants are invited to participate in our Activity Day on Thursdays. Activities include trips to the Science Museum, the movie theater, local community events, concerts, or arts & crafts.


Day Support Options

This is a flexible program where participants learn skills necessary for employment or participate in recreational activities. Services include assistance with maintaining proper hygiene and behavior, improving social skills, practicing interview skills, resume writing, community integration, leisure activities, etc.


Employment Services

Individualized Day, Vocational

Participants work with staff to learn skills necessary for employment, participate in volunteer activities, or work to obtain employment.


Supported Employment (Individual and Group)

Participants work with staff to prepare a resume, practice appropriate interview skills/attend interviews, apply to jobs, develop employment skills, and receive on-the-job support and coaching. Participants in the supported employment have developed the skills necessary to begin work and seek or maintain competitive employment. 


Other Services

Any other Private Care, (Including Adult Companionship or Transportation)

Please contact the Director, Ellen Young. 



Our staff are trained in the following areas:

CPR & First Aid – Basic medical treatment as well as lifesaving techniques useful in emergencies

Psychological and Physical Management – Non-violent behavioral Intervention including physical interventions and personal safety techniques designed to maximize the safety of everyone involved in a crisis situation.

CT DDS Medication Administration Certification – Skills based training offered under the guidance of a consulting registered nurse (RN) which allows staff to monitor, prepare, or administer medications and treatments and utilize medical equipment including oral medications, topicals, suppositories, g-tubes, epi-pens, pulmonary equipment, etc.